August 21, 2017

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Aug 21: Flagstaff - Phoenix - San Francisco - Vanouver
Vanmorgen met een shuttlebusje van Flagstaff naar Phoenix vliegveld gereden. Om 15.15 vertrk naar San Francisco. Net aangekomen, de vlucht van San Francisco naar Vancouver vertrekt in plaats van 19.15 uur om 21.30 uur weg. Zeker 2 uur vertraging... Dan kom ik dus na middernacht aan bij het hotel in Vancouver. Gelukkig komt de groep morgen pas om 16.00 uur aan...

August 7, 2017

Aug 07, 2017: Flagstaff

I have an easy chair, in back of my trailer.
By using a handle it folds out in the back and the front. I use it every morning when the sun comes. The chair is covered with a tarp when I am not using it. Yesterday I lifted the tarp up and for 2 seconds I thought I saw a dead rattlesnake around the mechanism that sits underneath the chair.
Then I realized it was too white: it was a cast-off skin. 1.50 meter (4 feet, 10 inches) long.
This morning I woke up thinking that the snake might be living underneath my trailer, maybe that's why I haven't seen any mice for a long time......

July 29, 2017

Jul 29, 2017: Flagstaff

The world looks very green, here in Flagstaff. Rain every day.....
Two weeks ago I filmed a barndance. I decided to edit together footage from 2004-2017. Time passing.

July 23, 2017

Jul 23, 2017: Flagstaff

Monsoon in Arizona. It has rained almost every day since I have been back in Flagstaff. Late afternoons, evenings and at night. Not long, typical monsoon thunderclouds.
After the constant heat in June, the cooling off because of rain and clouds is very nice.
Aug 21 I'm going back to Vancouver for the second 18 day Kras tour. 3 days layover in Calgary and then 6 days a German tour, starting in Calgary.  I'll be gone almost a month.
I am reading a lot. John Sandford lately.